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How to use ‘じゃん jan’ in Japanese. A colloquial way!
Kantou area people use じゃん ( = jan) more than people from the Kansai area, so it is considered to be a part of that dialect.
However, it is a very common casual suffix among young people so you may have come across it in daily conversation, TV dramas or in anime.
☆First : Answer your question (from last live stream)
⭐️まあまあ maa maa = so so , not bad, nothing special
⭐️お気の毒に okino doku ni = I’m sorry to hear that. ( someone passed away)
That’s too bad. (Someone lost iPhone)

☆How to agree & disagree in Japanese vido link :

☆How to use ‘じゃん jan’
⭐️犬 = inu = a dog/dogs Noun +じゃん
→犬じゃん ( = inu jan)
→犬じゃないじゃん ( = inu janai jan)* 犬じゃない ( = inu janai) = not a dog
犬だった ( = inu datta) was a dog
→犬だったじゃん ( = inu datta jan)
犬じゃなかった ( = inu ja nakatta) was not a dog
→犬じゃなかったじゃん ( = inu janakatta jan)
⭐️美味しい = oishii = delicious
→美味しいじゃん oishiijan
美味しくない = oishikunai = not delicious
→美味しくないじゃん = oishikunai jan
美味しかった= oishikatta = was delicious
→美味しかったじゃん= oishikatta jan
美味しくなかった = oishikunakatta = was not delicious
→美味しくなかったじゃん = oishikunakattajan
⭐️きれい (な) = kirei (na) = beautiful
→きれいじゃん = kirei jan
きれいじゃない = kireijanai
→きれいじゃないじゃん = kireijanai jan
きれいだった = kireidatta = was beautiful
→きれいだったじゃん = kireidatta jan
きれいじゃなかった = kireijanakatta = was not beautiful
→きれいじゃなかったじゃん = kireijanakatta jan
verb + じゃん
宿題 = shukudai = homework
⭐️やる ( = yaru) to do, going to do / will do
→やるじゃん ( = yaru jan) 今やるじゃん
やらない ( = yaranai) not to do, not going to do / won’t do
→やらないじゃん ( = yaranai jan)
present progressive:
やっている ( = yatte iru) to be doing/ have been doing
→やっているじゃん ( = yatte iru jan)
(more casual: drop い ( = i))
→やってるじゃん ( = yatterujan)
やっていない ( = yatte inai jan) not doing / haven’t done
→ やっていないじゃん ( = yatte inai jan)
(more casual: drop い ( = i))
→やってないじゃん ( = yattenai jan)
Example sentences :
= Kono kutsu, kawaii jan.= I think these shoes are cute.

= Kono geemu, omoshiroi jan.
= This game is fun!

= Mou, konna jikan jan. Ikanakucha.
= Look at the time! I gotta go now.

= Kyou no obentou oishisou jan!
= Today’s boxed lunch looks good, doesn’t it?

= Dame jan, chanto kanojo ni ayamaranakucha.
= That’s bad. You should apologize to her properly.

= Chotto! Sore, watashi no banana jan.
= Hey! That is MY banana.

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